A deep curiosity about the natural world, combined with a sense that all that we easily see is not the entire story, inspires my sculpture and printmaking. Underlying the complexity of the known world, I intuit systems that echo, repeat and grow within a grand wholeness. My earliest childhood awareness/memory of life as a spiritual situation colors all of my observations and prompts me to seek what I term, “essential forms”, that is, forms distilled from plant, animal or human anatomy. 
Through these found and/or invented forms, I strive to express and honor the singing quality any living thing exudes. Joy and loss, as well as tension between the familiar and the mysterious are also important dynamics embodied in each work.
Always, I desire to make objects that resonate with their own truth, that stand on their own as presences, as meaningful signifiers of the wonder we have always known, yet forgotten or not seen in our haste and distraction.

”...Carolyn Webb reduces, refines and condenses form as a way to realize an essence of metaphoric content, and to suffuse each piece with meaning.”   
                                                                         Gloria Russell, The Springfield Union News

Shadowed Cone
Staved poplar, stain, charring
24" x 23" diameter